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Just had an interesting visit from some folks at my winery that are making a movie called 21. It is about a group of MIT students that had devised a system of counting cards in Las Vegas, and made a ton of money. Robert Luketic will probably be the star, playing a the real life Tom J.

If you have nto read the book, "Bringing down the House" not to be confused with the Steve Martin movie, do so. It is the coolest ture grift story, or at least that I have come across. Robert, Steve Valentine ( a really great magician in the way Paul Gurtner is), Dan Goldbeg (producer of a bunch of stuff including Stripes), Alexander Payne (writer director fo Sideways) were all here and are involved in the new movie. It should come out next year and be really, really good.

I did ask about Indy 4 infor, they all had no idea, Dan was the exc. producer for 6 days 7 nights, and he chuckled and said he is sure it will be made but who knows when.

Check out the book and see the flick when it comes out!
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There's a damn good movie about exactly the same thing calld "The Last Casino"

I think I saw a docu. something about this 21 thing on Discovery or A&E...
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