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I think in my mind that Raiders is the best action movie ever. How many agree? I mean Die hard also comes to mind and dont get me wrong it changed action movies after that forever, but i just think Raiders had everything perfect. Also i've never seen indy widescreen and i cant wait for the Dvd's on my widescreen set. Awesome!!
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Attila the Professor
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Now I'm inclined to agree. Admittedly, I haven't seen much of the action movie genre, but Raiders is certainly near the top, if not at it.
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Well, I love action fact I love all kinds of movies. THere are a few on the top of my prioritites, but all Ididana Jones films are teh best action/adventure movies in my opinion, otherwise, why would I be such a fan? And im talking here about the three indy movies, not just Raiders.
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I definitely have to agree that Raiders was the best action film ever made. I can't say the whole trilogy, because TOD leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I definitely think it has not been surpased yet. Mainly because more recent films (TOD included) go too far with the action. What made 'Raiders' cool was the fact that it seemed almost possible. Nothing looked physically impossible. There was some realism.

Bigger is not always better, even in a an action film.
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Old 06-11-2003, 10:29 AM   #5
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best ever

I totally agree. Raiders of the Lost Ark is an awesome movie! It's definitely at the top of the action genre.
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yeah, I guess it is, isn't it.........
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Temple of Doom is my favourite Actin movie ever. Die Hard comes in a close fourth (as it is hard to decide between Raiders and LC). Die hard is a good movie for several reasons, but Temple of doom, whether it's because it was the first indy film i saw or not, is my fav. I just like Indy going to the dark side, but his good shining through at the end and beating the **** out of that evil slave master - it's perfect (it is also similar to Darth vader who turned to the dark side but ended up going good in the end, but I'm sure you've already mentioned that before). Raiders has excellent action scenes in the truck scene and the plane scene before it, but Temple of Doom just clinches it for me. I used to find raidrs, hard to get into and I had to wait for the action to really kick off (although I was about 9 or 10 at the time). Now, i have come to appreciate Raiders a lot more, and the tank scene in the last crusade was good, but Temple of Doom, will always be the best indy film in my opinion.
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