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Indiana Jones and the Paragraph Adventure

I'm going to go and start another one of these because the rest are pretty old.

You each right a paragraph that continues the story on from the last one.


Its a proper Indiana Jones story.
This coulde be TheRaven's Indy 5.
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In the background the sun was setting on Mount Ararat. Indy was starting to worry. His Armenian contact was expected here well before sunset. Of all nights to be waiting for a man form Armenia in Yerevan after dark, Why'd it have to be this night? The night of the festival. On this day in 1923 with the Treaty of Kars signed Mount Ararat has sat on Turkish soil. The Armenians claim the mountain belongs to them. The last thing Indy was interested in was a regional squabbles. He only cared about the information his contact had for him. He shook his head in disbelief that he was once again searching for a mythical religious artifact. And of all thing's, Noah's Ark.
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