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Originally Posted by ClintonHammond
"Varese and Zappa had a mutual appreciation."
Bully for them... doesn't mean I have to think any higher of Zappa....

Or can't you handle people having opinions that differ from your little one?

Zappa is almost as over-rated as The Doors.... almost.

Ah yes, because most people listen to Frank Zappa. Because Frank Zappa gets a lot of airtime. Because there's a lot of funds behind Frank Zappa to support a steady release of new material... because Frank Zappa plays on the radio all the time. Because most people who listen to Frank Zappa have heard more than one or two songs off of Apostrophe or Overnite Sensation. Because you have no ****ing clue what you're on about and you're just looking to be contradictory. Because comparing Frank Zappa to The Doors is like comparing JK Rowling to William S Burroughs.

Clinton, you're a waste of flesh--congratulations.
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