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Faking It

So, about 20 years ago I traveled to the Greek Islands and Egypt and have all sorts of pictures of myself as a teenager in these amazing historical sites... but today funds are not what they once were... So we've gone to the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska with our kids and their rain forest exhibit makes you feel like you're on a South American quest. Here are a couple pictures we took there:

What about you? Where are places you go to "fake it"? Where do you go to have an adventure close to home that feels like you're across the world?
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thats really cool man! i am sure your family had a blast as well. while i have traveled to some wild places while in the Marines, my fave "Faking it" was while training in 29 Palms Cali. my unit was doing training in the desert which we all had to treat like Iraq and Afgan. It lasted for a month but it holds alot of fond memories and good fun times.
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