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Hello everyone,

My name is Justin and I thought I would introduce myself
I'm 28 yrs old, married with 2 kids, currently serving in the USAF as a crew chief on the C-5M. I started watching Indiana Jones when I was around 5 maybe? My Grandmother had them on VHS and I watched Temple of Doom and was hooked. Every time I came over to her house I would ask to watch one of the movies, she ended up buying the VHS of them probably so I wouldn't watch them anymore at her house haha. I'm probably one of the few people who enjoyed Crystal Skull, or so it seems when I bring it up to people. Was it perfect? No but I still enjoyed it. If I had to rank the movies it would probably be Temple of Doom, with Raiders in a close second, then Last crusade, then Skull. Sorry if this post seems like I am rambling, I just woke up and have to work tonight. I'm glad to be here and be able to discuss everything with you all.
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Welcome aboard
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Hallo from Germany, I'm over in Bavaria. I'm a Medic in an active Cavalry Regiment.
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