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Feel like I've been waiting ages to be able to post something on here, my excitement has literally known no bounds. I love Indiana Jones and have done since Raiders came out. I can genuinely say that the character has been a hero and an inspiration to me. I grew up wanting to be an archaeologist (never became one but I am an academic specialising in Syro-Palestinian history and the Ancient Near East). Although I did take part in a dig in Israel a few years ago. If anyone wants to hear about this or see some pics just let me know. I feel like I've got lots to contribute and am so looking forward to posting here.
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Welcome to the Forum! I'm also new here.Not an academic, but I am currently going for a double major in International Relations/Archeology. My speciality would probably be Mesoamerican peoples since that is the area of archeology i think I understand best from my various classes so far.
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Good to see more newbies over here. Welcome to the site, sheffsteve!
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Yes, we love to hear about one another's adventures. There are both Archaeology and Globe-Trotting areas in the "off topic" section.

Look forward to reading more there.
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