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Spinosaurus that crocodile snouted, sailed back dinosaur of Jurassic Park III fame, is among the most interesting and exotic of dinosaurs. New findings into it's habitat have made it all the more intersting.
Paleontologists from the University of Pennslyvania have found clues in the Bayharia Oasis is Egypt,which have given information what spinosaurus habitat was like.
The Bayharia Oasis which was were the orginal spinosaur fossils were found, was once a Mangroove swamp. Much like the Thousand Islands in the Flordia Everglades.
Spinosaurs in general are thought to have feed on fish, thus Spinosaurus may have been in and around the waters of the mangrooves eating fish like colecanths and ancient sharks. Like the American Crocodile and the famous Salt-Water crocodile of the Indo-Pacific, Spinosaurus may have also ventured out into the ocean to catch prey. Which also makes the scene of the swimming spinosaur in JP III more plausiable.
Spinosaurus's lifestyle is summed up nicely by a quote by paleontologist Bob Bakker,"it was a combination of t-rex and free willy."

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