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Le Saboteur
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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
Sleeping Dogs is five years old today.

And despite ostensibly being dead and buried, it just won't die. A group of producers associated with The Fast and The Furious scooped up the film rights. That was over a year ago. Not a problem normally. Rights get scooped up all the time without ever producing a movie (despite having a star attached). And when I had forgotten all about it said star, Donnie Yen, goes ahead and posts this to his Insta.

I like Donnie Yen. I think I've seen his entire catalog aside from his appearances in Hollywood productions, but he's wa-ay too old for the role. They're going to have to do some interesting things to change the story. I'm game, though. I'd like to see a Hong Kong production with a Hollywood budget.

I'd still rather have a sequel. The stuff United Front wanted to do had a lot of potential.

In other news, I picked up this:

I don't know why though. I've got a stack of games to get through including The Witcher that include a hundred hour time sink. All this while being waist deep in this:

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