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what would you do in a noahs arc esque scenario re animal survival

You run a space colony that will be all that is left of mankind after a catastrophe on earth. You have the task of selecting animals, insects, and plant life to import before earth went dark. Remember these are the only life forms beside humans that will exist in your life and that of subsequent generations. You can pick as many or as few species to maintain as you like. Which lifeforms will you bring? Do you preserve the whole ecosystem? Are you selective? Biased? Tell me what species you brought and why. Why didn't certain animals get cut?

While we're playing this game why not kick it up a notch. Pick which human beings are going to survive with you and which will not.
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Talk about a loaded question.

Lemme take another shot.
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Allowed me to answer that question with a bit of Danny Boy...

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