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Indy Anna
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I read on the game part of the site that Lucas Arts were selling Fate OF Atlantis online. I noticed that the game is available on PC DOS. What is PC DOS? I have a normal Windows 98 PC. If i were to get that game would it work on my PC. It's not DOS as far as i know. It's just that i live in ireland so if it didn't work i'd kinda have a hard time trying to send it back u know?

Please help

Indy ANna
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Aaron H
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DOS is pre-Windows. That is before Windows was the primary Operating System. All PC's either have DOS installed (such is the case with Windows 98...DOS is the "conerstone" on which Win98 is built) or they can emulate DOS, that is to say mimic it, (Windows ME, 2000, & XP all do that).
In other words, all you need is a PC that can run DOS programs.
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additionally still does not, unfortunatly, sell overseas. They only serve US and Canada
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Fate of Atlantis will not run with XP. But it will run on Windows 98 machines. Windows XP does not have DOS as it's backbone. It has a C prompt but it will not run DOS programs.

But it should work fine with your Windows 98 machine.
It's a really good game.
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