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Tweaking KOTCS to find its inner potential

Let's say it's 2007. You're handed the final draft of the script as is. It is my opinion that there is a great film in there somewhere. You have all these really intriguing pieces:

-Indy in a new era where he, himself, is a relic.
-You have the potential for a subplot where Indy has to prove his innocence and to toy with the very grey morality of the Cold War as opposed to the more black and white good and evil of the 1930s
-You have the alien angle, which could've been very profound if done right. The idea of the aliens as being archeologists and helpers of mankind rather than truly being Gods is fascinating. Maybe the aliens were scouring the universe searching for the same truths that people like Indy have and are.
-You have the KGB element which could've made it a bit of a thriller.
-You have Spalko as this really sexual and sexy femme fatale type who could read minds possibly. Maybe extrapolate that out to her being able to BEND weaker minds to her will - metaphor for female sexuality?
-You have the 50s which make for as interesting, if not moreso, a backdrop than the 1930s. A period so remote to our own and yet with one big foot in the modern age.

I just look at every scene in KOTCS and while the overall picture is a subpar schlocky mess, I see ingredients for potential greatness. The question is, if we're working with the final draft script, how do we turn it into gold?
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