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Originally Posted by Archaeos
I can talk about vintage fashion, Karl Lagerfeld or fast German cars, or the best yoga retreats in Arabia, if required. Don't worry.
Mentioning Karl Lagerfeld & German cars (BMWs) would be a very good start but the best way to win immediate respect would be achieved by talking about Italian food or Italy in general. (She is Italian.) Nevermind that for now, though.

Speaking of food: Much of the German dialogue in these deleted "Raiders" scenes deal with eating & food! The word, 'essen', is mentioned more than once.

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Originally Posted by ListenLiveLong
I wonder what the soldiers right outside of the map room are saying. You know, the ones near Sallah.

If you mean the scene starting at Raiders' time mark 49:32, then the dialogue is...

Tan uniform soldier: "He da! Was machst Du da?"
(Hey there! What are you doing?")

Khaki uniform soldier mumbles

Tan uniform soldier (casual pointing): "Was soll das mit dem Seil da?"
("What's with the rope there?", meaning to say "What are you up to with this rope there?")

Khaki uniform soldier mumbles

Tan uniform soldier (insisted pointing): "Mit dem Seil da!?"
("With that rope there!?")

Khaki uniform soldier mumbles

Tan uniform soldier: [unclear commanding sentence]. "Komm'! Runter! Runter! Komm'!"
("Come! Down there! Down there! Come!")

Khaki uniform soldier mumbles

Tan uniform soldier: "Ja komm', bißchen schneller, Mann! Aber jetzt komm' mal schon!"
("Yes, come, a bit more quickly, man! C'mon down already!")

Tan uniform soldier is definitely a native German speaking actor.

But khaki uniform soldier's German is incomprehensive to me. To my ears, he's just verbally snapping at Salah, in sounds that are supposed to come close to Germanic cliché mumblings. I would speculate that this extra is not a German speaker at all. Maybe someone else can make sense of what this guy is uttering?
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I want to thank some of you guys that translated some of the German dialog on Raiders and Crusade.

I'm embarking on learning German and use this specific post for some guidance on some of the words. Definitely not an easy language to learn... at least for me!

One piece I would like to know, is a German dialog piece in Raiders. The certain scene is when Indy is sulking after the *supposed* death of Marion at the marketplace. The German Gestapo agent says something to allude to the effect of a rendezvous w/ Belloq at the cantina.

What was said here?
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