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The Young Indy Love Thread

Just for people who love Young Indy. I personally think it's even more fun than the films because it touches on so much--whereas the films are in comparison one dimensional. They're truly epic, almost literary in scope. Outside of the original 1977 Star Wars, I actually think Young Indy is the best thing George Lucas ever did.

Anyone else really love the series? What's your favorite episode?
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Favourites? Check out this thread: Your Favorite Episodes
My all-time fave is "Phantom Train of Doom".

Re: Young Indy Love (aah, love)...'love' and 'appreciation' walk hand-in-hand.
Young Indiana Jones appreciation thread
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Young Indy: Lucas' Last Great Masterpiece

Does anyone else agree that the YIJC is the last GREAT thing that Lucas' produced? Sure, KOTCS was a good, fun romp; the SW prequels had some merit, but IMO, Young Indy is a perfect mix of the fun romp of the first two and the depth of something like LC. It's really like an adventure--A life's worth of it. I don't think he's done anything quite as great or genuinely deep since.
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