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19 Years Later

The events of 1996 have always fascinated me because it reveals how powerful and scary the internet was. Indeed, Lucas had ended his dealings with Jeb Stuart, and the Saucer Men script did leak by decade's end. The email from Robert S. Roden seems legit: he was legal counsel on Lucasarts and Pixar games, and it resembles this one received by a fledgling Star Wars fan site.

Mounties riding in to rescue George's intellectual property from mustache-twirling Canadians I can believe. But Lucasfilm asking a fan to sign over rights to fan work... I would need to see pics.
8) Legal documents arrive at the Smith household. These documents inform me that Lucasfilm will agree not to sue me in exchange for the rights to my screenplay. I seek legal help and later refuse to sign over the rights and wait for the other side to return my serve.
9) Months later it’s old news and one final follow-up call from Lucasfilm, asking me to please sign the agreement and return it promptly, is once again met by polite resistance from me. Eventually, it ends in a stalemate and everybody leaves the sand box and goes home.
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Wow, I'm sorry I missed this thread during 2008.

(looks like I joined the Raven a couple of months after it abated.)

"Sons of Darkness" was horrible and clearly its author is a deluded boob.

Whether "Sons of Darkness" is any more or less horrible than the also-horrible "Crystal Skull" is a debate too worthless to engage in.
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