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Major West
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I love the ending to TLC. The only thing missing, is a title card:

The adventure continues...
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The title of this thread is stupid because "the franchise" is not "the movie series".

Thus far, the actual ending is:
1993 October - Indy scaring kids at Hallowe'en (the last bookend to be broadcast on TV).

"Last Crusade" wins.
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Originally Posted by Major West
There's a forth film now mate, that ends the saga. Get used to it.

I too refuse to acknowledge that piece of junk. It's there, but that's about it.

Originally Posted by Sankara
Once again: Why should we accept this embarrassing end? "Last Crusade" is the better movie and has the better ending.

Get used to it!

Agreed. Last Crusade is the real ending. When I do an IJ marathon, it's 1, 2, 3. That's it. I will not ruin a good weekend by ending it on a garbage film.
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