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Alright, my new diary is done!

Ok, here is a preview of my new Grail Diary.
I must admit, it's WILDLY inaccurate...pages are all out of order...a few pages probably missing....I really wasn't going for total "screen accuracy" with this diary...really I just wanted a diary that looks good displayed with the rest of my collection. My last diary, though I was very happy with it, was a bit too...well, "fat"...I had over-stuffed it with inserts. I couldn't help it at the time...the inserts were just too much fun to make! Plus I think maybe I sort of over-aged the pages on the last one too....meant to make it look old, not ancient. But I made sure NOT to do that with this one. I toned down the darkness of my walnut crystal ink this time. So yeah, not screen accurate, but I don't care...I like this one.
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Wow. That looks great!
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Looks like it's right out of the movie. Did you write and illustrate that? What does the text say? Can you share a sample passage?
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Looks tremendous.
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