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Originally Posted by Montana Smiff
Makes Indy sound like a hamburger stand.
If Indiana Jones really IS a hamburger chain-restaurant...that would be one hell of an EPIC REVEAL!
Originally Posted by Lance Quazar
The word "franchise" has taken on an additional, specialized definition over time, as used in the film industry.

It's accurate now.

As you say, words and definitions change over time. Specialized communities adopt and adapt words for their own use.

I suspect "franchise" was first used in Hollywood in a slightly tongue in cheek way. But now it's acceptable and has a very specific, widely-used definition in that community.
Just because it is used within the film industry doesn't make it right (and the industry folks whom I personally know, agree that it's usage is silly). Even the great, Francis Ford Coppola said about Star Wars, "now matter how valuable that franchise, that they call, is...". Coppola's verbage shows how a prominent, Hollywood veteran doesn't really embrace the term and is aware of its misapropriation when using it.

Plus, how many fans out there, who use the term, work in the industry? Being a parrot to what other people say (without even thinking about the meaning of the word/s) is one of the reasons why languages change.

The film-series-definition will become acceptable only when the Oxford English Dictionary says so.

As a whole, the Indiana-Jones-brand-name could be considered a franchise because of the all the merchandise produced by LEGO, Hasbro, etc. but not the theatrical films, which is what many people refer to when using the word. That said, I could understand the term being used to describe a film series which has had more than one director, etc. but Indiana Jones films have all been directed by the same person, thus franchising doesn't apply (which is my main point).
Originally Posted by Lance Quazar
The word had multiple uses and definitions already. A franchise to vote is quite different than your local McDonald's.

I'm afraid you'll have to let this one go.
Nah. A 'franchise to vote' is not much different from running a McDonald's. In both cases, it is a given right/privelege, allowed by a higher authority.
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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Originally Posted by Von Stalhein
-orgasmic scream
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks this.
How is it misused?
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