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Don't worry, Indy 5 is still his next project, but...

Warner Bros. has announced today that they're teaming with Steven Spielberg and Amblin on a film adaptation of the DC Comics' WW2 hero "Blackhawk"

The film is being developed for Spielberg to direct, with David Koepp on board to write the script.

As described in the article: " 'Blackhawk' told of an international squadron of heroic pilots led by a man named Blackhawk who fought the Nazis and their ilk in World War II."
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I'm definitely looking forward to this. I need to catch up on these comics, but I have faith that he'll be able to do a great job with this!
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With a Wonder Woman cameo, probably. I'm way past pretending to know who these characters are. Hopefully the name isn't considered inappropriate.
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