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Aaron H
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From the rumblings of Skywalker Ranch:
Since we don't tend to report rumors on the main page, I thought I would post this here. The good ol' "ear to the ground" has turned up some promising news for YIJC fans. Expect to hear within the next couple months an offical annoucement about the complete DVD release of the entire (even unaired) YIJC! From what I am hearing the DVD release will also feature a "behind the adventure" feature which will fill in the facts behind the events portayed on the screen.
As a casual fan of YIJC I am excited about this...more news (or rumors) as it develops.
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I heard that to. I'm not a huge YIJC fan but seeing them on DVD will be pretty cool.
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This would be great! Been watching the YIJ vids that we've slowly been able to collect. I've been so bummed about not getting to see the episodes that were on TV but not released on VHS. I thought the only hope of ever seeing them was somehow connecting with someone that taped them when they were on...Oh, I hope this is true!
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