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Z dweller
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Originally Posted by curmudgeon
HOW SOON we get another film after Indy 5 is probably going to have an impact on the kind of story they try to tell.
How soon we get another film depends on how successful Indy 5 is, surely.

I am still hoping that they introduce a younger actor in flashback scenes.
If the response is good, we could get the first prequel 2-3 years later, easy.
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There has been no reason to expect an Indy 6. That has purely been wishful thinking on the fans' part thus far. What I've gotten from Disney's statements to date is that Indy 5 is intended as Ford's finale, and that it will then be followed up with a reboot of some sort. How the fifth film will connect with or set up the reboot (if at all) remains mysterious.

That said, I don't think Disney would be opposed to a sixth movie with Ford, and I think Ford would be game too, but only with Spielberg. And considering Spielberg allowed an 11-year gap between the fourth and fifth films, I don't get the impression he'd put all his other projects aside for the quick turnaround the project would require. It would have to be pretty much back-to-back to work, I think. Spielberg is 70, and would probably not prioritize a sixth installment of anything over other projects he'd like to do. Maybe he'll surprise us though.

Five movies feels appropriate to me, and ties in nicely with the original five-picture deal Lucas made with Paramount. I'm sure that's been moot for decades, but still, kind of poetic. Six movies would give us an Old Indy trilogy to go with the original trilogy, but screw symmetry.
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A 6th film with Ford would be perfect.

How about a 2021 release? 40th anniversary of Raiders. And we would have 2 Ford trilogies. A younger and an older trilogy.
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We easily could have had a second trilogy by now if Indy would have been a priority over the past 8 years.
Now I think Indy 5 will ultimately be the bottom note of the Indy we know.
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