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Call of the Wild

Harrison Ford is in talks to play John Thorton in a new adaptation of the Jack London novel, that begins production in September.

20th Century Fox is behind the project, and previously set the release date for Christmas 2019 (although I suspect Disney could move it, should their acquisition of Fox finish before then.)

Last I'd heard, this one was supposed to be animated, but the Variety article makes it sound like a big-budget film with an effects house doing heavy lifting... so perhaps they're going for something more in line with the recent "Jungle Book" adaptations?
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Ford will likely play the Charlton Heston role... or another animated dog?
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Forbidden Eye
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Harrison Ford doing voice-work. What a time to be alive.

It feels like yesterday that they had voice actors voice Indiana Jones for Temple of The Forbidden Eye at Disneyland and various video-games, because Harrison Ford was the biggest movie star around, and back then “big stars don’t do voice work”. He even turned down Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and a role in Disney’s Tarzan. Amazing how things can change in 10-20 years.

Anyway while Secret Life Of Pets 2 doesn’t muster much excitement, this project sounds interesting. Eager to see how it turns out. Chris Sanders directing is could make it interesting.
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As someone's who read and enjoyed the London novel, this should be pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing Harrison in at least one adventure flick to satisfy me before Indy 5, and this seems to be it. I hope it's good .
Just a sidenote: I wonder if we can determine what kind of shape Harry's in if he has any stunts in this flick, as well as the box office draw it'll have, and use that to make some predictions regarding the fifth installment.
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