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China Jim
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a guy Giant tomb found in China

Archaeologist from Shaanxi Institute of Archaeological Research discovered 604 tombs belonging to the Qin ( Chin) dynasty in the village of Quija near Xi'an and is believed to be the largest found to this date. this came about due to a railroad improvement project in the Shaanxi Province. Sun Weigang a researcher from the above mentioned institute stated that"We know Shaanxi is rich in cultural relics, with over a thousand tombs unearthed every year. But we have never found so many in such a small area". The find includes a vast collection of pottery, bronze earthenware including cauldrons, pots, jars, axes, and swords as well as 200 complete human skeletons. " The remains are mainly of adult men who died of natural causes and did not have a close clan relationship with each other " so states Chen Liang associate professor of Archaeology, Northwest University.
Archaeologist hope the discovery of these tombs may lead to the location of the ancient Qin dynasty city of Liyi it had been surmised that Liyi was near a village named Liuzhai based on sporadic discoveries of Qin relics. The tombs are over 5 kilometers away from Liuzhai village and the burial grounds are located near the city.
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Wow...Do you have any links for this? I'd love to read more about it.
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