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Originally Posted by SterankoII
First of all, here's a newsflash, a lot of stunts in the previous movies were done by doubles and you could often tell. It didn't matter though as long as you were in the moment. Second, the shot of Indy jumping looked like a continuation from the previous jungle chase shot of the Russians firing at Indy's jeep. So maybe they'll show a close shot of Harrison and not cut away before he makes the jump.

Oh no, sorry. In the first three movies there wasn't a single scene in which you could easily tell that the stuntman was replacing Harrison Ford. NOT EVEN ONE.
The only scene in which I noticed that there wasn't Harrison Ford on screen is the prelude to the truck chase, in "Raiders of the Lost Ark". There's a shot of Indy riding his horse on a cliff dominating the street. In that scene, you can briefly see that the face of the man under the Fedora is not Harrison's. But since the entire sequence only lasts a few seconds (not to mention the Fedora hides a big part of Indy's face under its shadow...) it's almost impossible to find it out.

Originally Posted by nitzsche
I've slowed it down frame by frame and I'm pretty sure it's him. I thought it was him with no question and assumed they had him on a safety wire.

Harrison says he was able to do even more elaborate stunts on KOTCS than on the previous films because of wire work.

There are only two frames in which Indy faces the camera. They are two frames in the middle of the sequence, just after he is landed on the russian jeep...
In all the other frames Indy is seen by profile ( "BY profile" or "ON profile"??? What's the right form?? ) or his face is out of focus.
Anyway, in the two frames where we can see him from the front, his face actually looks like Harrison's. But in all the frames where we can see him from the side, his profile is absolutely not Harrison's one. I think maybe they digitally superimposed Harrison's face to the one of the stuntman in those famous two frames, because they realized it was definitely too clear that he was not Harrison Ford.
Again, I'm almost 100% sure it's not him. His silhouette is way too thin. Harrison is a bit more plumpy because of his age.

Don't know... perhaps I'm wrong but I don't think so.
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Yeah, there are moments in the other three where you can tell it's not Harrison. Not that they're entirely distracting or anything like that, but definitely noticeable. Heck, in one shot from the spike chamber in Temple of Doom you can clearly see Vic Armstrong's face, and he's not even doing a stunt; it's just Indy crouching on the ground when Willie runs in screaming, "Get 'em off me! Get 'em off me!"
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Indy4 trailer parody

Me and my friends have made a parody based from the actual sound of the trailers. I would like you to tell me what you think about it.

Thank you very much.
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