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Originally Posted by AnnieJones

But your right,that's probably how he lost his eye.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
Either that scenario or Indy met up with Remy again and they got into an argument over the Eye of the Peacock. In an inexplicable RAGE, Remy attacked Indy with a MEAT CLEAVER and took out his eye!
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Good God, Stoo, that's one hell of an image! You don't hold back, do you? What have you got against our beloved Indy, anyway?

That said, I've occasionally myself envisioned how he'd get the wound, though I've always pictured it being done with a vertical slashing (or slicing ) movement, rather than the move you've pictured, with a chopping motion, but one never knows until it happens (and in one of George's productions, even after it's been put on screen it's always subject to change... ). I think it's safe to assume we'd never see it depicted so explicitly in an actual Indy production - it'd be off-camera, or in shadow, or with Indy facing away from the audience or something like that.

That's assuming it'll ever be addressed at all, of course, which I doubt will happen, but you never know. Like you, I actually would like to see it come up in that hypothetical Indy V - perhaps not with the directness of your image sequence, mind you , but at least enough to establish when and how it takes place (and, of course, to enhance support for the "Old Indy" bookends in the canon ). I kind of think that even if they do make a fifth movie (hardly a sure thing to begin with), it's kind of unlikely The Beards would want to give Indy such a serious and permanent wound in the course of the adventure (but as I said, you never know...).

In the eyepatch thread over in Collecting Indy (I'd have thought it should go in Indy Gear and Props, myself, but never mind), I see you mention the facial similarities between George Hall and Harrison Ford (in how much their features line up when you superimpose one's image over the other). I've actually always noticed this myself; I've long thought that of the three non-Ford actors who regularly played Indy on the Chronicles, Hall was the one who bore the most resemblance to Ford, once you allowed for the age difference (though oddly, I've never sought out images of the younger Hall from earlier in his career to see how close he looked; perhaps I should...).
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I think he's just faking.
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