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Alright, the part on Last Crusade, where indiana jones is on the zepplin, i have a question. Remember how he needed to get the steward's uniform and he started walking and talking with him, and in the next scene indy is wearing the uniform? Well, this may be a question for those of you with the last crusade comic, but did indy knock the steward out and steal his uniform jacket, or did he bribe the guy to give him that white jacket?
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If the writer didn't spell it out explicitly, then it's up to you.

Sometimes fiction is like ice cream, you can put whatever toppings you want on it.
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Cuyahoga Boru
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According to the LC novel, Indy cold cocks the guy and steals the jacket and hat. Also when he and Dad head for the plane they pass a coat closet and Indy finds a leather jacket that is almost a match for his that he had left behind so he steals it.
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Yeah, MacGregor tries to explain many things in his novelization that goes past our minds while watching the movie.

IMO Indy knocked out the steward. That is a) more Indyish and b) the credibiliaty of that guy would have been loose, no matter if he got some hard-earned marks or not. (An American passenger wants to wear your uniform... sure, why not? Happens to me every day.)
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