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Images from this Star Wars WEG writers guide emerged courtesy of Pablo Hidalgo. Though the Indy books didn't last long I suspect the rules would have been similar. Here are more. Apparently this guy edited it.
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Finally got around to playing a session with some friends!

We played "The Kweichow Exodus" from the Indiana Jones Adventures book, and it was great! A solid introductory adventure that can easily lead to further adventures. Especially if you use it in combination with the Temple of Doom Sourcebook. I also chose it since there aren't any obvious magical elements. I wanted to get them in that Raiders head space where magic is just a bunch of "superstitious hocus pocus." Then put them on a collision course with a powerful artifact.

Potential hurdle for DMs to consider: My group is used to slaying monsters and evil wizards in standard tabletop games. For most of this session, they were very reluctant to attack the "normal" humans who were constantly trying to murder them. By the time they were attacked by river pirates, they had no qualms about defending other innocent people on the boat. But when it was just them, they preferred to injure. Not kill. I guess this is a good thing. And it made them feel like "the good guys." It was just something I didn't expect since Indy always shoots back without much hesitation.
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Anyone every run a game from the WEG RPG?

I know this is a very old thread but I thought maybe some of these folks might still be active.

I am collecting the materials from the old The World of Indiana Jones role playing game from West End Games. I think it might be fun to run a game. Has anyone played this game? Any tips on running this game?


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I am collecting the weg Indiana Jones books and workong on a personal rpg project roughly inspired by IJ. Unfortunately I cannot put the hand on some books : artifacts, adventures, vampires, sky pirates. Some of them are foundable on eBay but way too pricey. If anyone here had pdf copies they would willingly share, I would be very Grateful. Thanks any help. I am especially looking for artifacts and adventures books.
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