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Does anyone own or ever see this Raiders cover?

I just saw it on the back of my old Bantha Tracks newsletters from April 1981 and wondered if it ever came out and who did the artwork?

Anyone know out there?

Les are you reading this?

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I don't remember seeing it before.
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I have this book, no mention of the artist though

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Wow, they really went all-out with cover variations, huh? Most unusual for 1981. I've got old copies with I think four different covers myself. Most of them are like most of those, with a shiny foil-type "frame" around the Amsel one-sheet art (the different versions being different colors of foil); the other one has a black cover with a photo of Indy and Marion in the Raven across the lower part of the cover.
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The Hindi cover. Peek-a-boo!
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I think that cover was used for the Australian novel publication.
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