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John Bechet
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Text detail: Indy swigging from a liquor flask?

Maybe someone here can clear this up for me. Did any back in the day adaptation of Raiders include the detail that Indy took a swig from a liquor flask during (I think) the Peruvian temple sequence?

I had thought it was in the original novelisation but when I tracked down a copy recently and read it, this line wasn't there. I wonder now was it a caption in the Marvel Comics adaptation? Otherwise where did I get this memory from? It stuck in my mind because it obviously doesn't happen in the film or fit the version of Indy that we got. But am I imagining it?

Years later I read that early drafts of the script portrayed Indy as a hard drinker, which suggests the detail in question made it into an adaptation from an earlier script. But where did I read that line?
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