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Henry W Jones
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Originally Posted by IndyBr
In my personal canon, I try to make everything fits: The Movies, Young Indy, the novels, the comics, the young adult books, the FYF books, and the games.
So far I had no big deal working that out (even with 3 philospher's stones, the only thing I haven't figured out yet is the 2 Emperor Quin's tombs).

THere are a few things that I don't include in my personal canon: Desktop adventures, the Star Wars crossover comic, and that facebook game (There's probably more, but I don't remember right now).

And just for the record: The novels are my second favorite media for Indy, right after the movies.

How about when you pick a bad ending for Indy in FYF? Is it canon when he dies? lol
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Originally Posted by Henry W Jones
How about when you pick a bad ending for Indy in FYF? Is it canon when he dies? lol

I consider the major storyline canon, you know, like... Indy was after the Eye of the Fate in that time period (don't remember the year) and all.
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Here's how the Lucasfilm Story Group sees it:
When you ask 'is it canon?' The answer means 'do other storytellers need to take it into account?' That's all the answer means.
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Originally Posted by Grimdiana Bones
I agree, I think of indy as very open ended, and meant for the charachter to have many different adventures. I dont really know what I'm trying to say here , but I consider everything up to fan fiction canon.

Exactly my thoughts.
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Sure, why not? It fills the timegap more than enough between the Chronicles and Doom and it continues neatly after the even in LC and well into the early years of the war.

I also like to see everything fit in as neatly as possible no matter what it is or where it came from, Chronicles, books, the movies, the games...
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