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Indiana Jones big size banner

In Berlin there were lots of posters and banners while the movie starts.
Which kind of posters and banners of KotCS do you see in your town?
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I brought home a huge banner from my theater. Its the first teaser poster.
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Crack that whip
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I remember these huge vinyl banners Paramount issued in the spring / summer of '89 for both Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I tried to get the Indy one, to no avail, alas (though I did manage to snag the Trek one - not that it's the Trek movie I want most represented in my collection, but it's just the one for which I was able to get something like that). The Indy banner was mostly white, IIRC, with the Drew Struzan art from the teaser (the classic Indy portrait now gracing the upper right front corner of tons of merchandise packages on store shelves everywhere) on one side. It had metal grommets as well as a separate vinyl strip with additional text on the top, held onto the main banner with Velcro (the idea being, I guess, to display it with or without the additional tagline / blurb). The Trek one is the same way.

I haven't yet gotten any largish theatrical release promotional swag for the new Indy like that (beyond the standard one-sheets, of course, and the bus shelter poster I have on order from, but I'm hoping to get the big standee from one of the theaters here. Crossing fingers...
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Sea Monarch
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I was thrilled to obtain the original vinyl banner for Last Crusade that Crack that whip is referring to, thanks to Ebay quite a few years ago! I payed, what to me at the time, was a healthy sum, but it was well worth it.
Sad to say, it sits in a box at the moment, awaiting that Indy/Movie room I plan to have some day soon. Back in '89, I had hoped to score the giant cardboard display for crusade that was prominent at my local theater as well. But alas, it either got claimed by another, or destroyed.

Conversely, when I tried to stake claim on one of the 2 KOTCS banners in my theaters, one was stolen, I believe, and the other, my theater manager friend was setting aside for her Dad. Lol! He's probably got it lying in a box somewhere too!
However, when I went after the cardboard display for KOTCS, I was met with success. Now It would be on display, but my ceiling isn't tall enough!

Working at the theater once upon a time, I snagged Banners for Apollo 13, and Braveheart, which I gave to a friend. And well before working there, I bought the Rocketeer banner, and cardboard mobile which I have to this day!
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