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The Jacket, Boots and Fedora Hoarding

When I was stationed in Germany, Had a lot of pocket money for my hobbies which include functional swords and Indy stuff like jackets, boots and hats. Have since relocated back to the States where they do not pay me all the extra benefits like rent and utilities.

I had accumulated quite a large number of jackets, boots and of course the Indy fedoras. I am now looking at weeding it down some. Have donated a few jackets and hats.

Seems like when I go into the "Indy" closet, I look and try to decide what to donate but really cannot find anything I want to part with. I suppose I don't have to get rid of anything but when I take stock of my collection, I know there is no way I could possibly come close to wearing this stuff out in my lifetime as I am 55. Just to give you an idea, I have about 20 various Indy jackets (not counting a few non-Indy), around 40 various fedoras and a bunch of various Alden boots to include many Indy ones.

So - the question is should I do a big purge and donate at least half or just over time like let something go once a month? The last option is just to keep it and the heck with it.......
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Major West
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Difficult to say. I don't have that many, but I've already sold a couple of jackets that I regret selling, but I don't have as many.

You could look and see which ones you havn't worn in the longest time. Work on that criteria., but also look to keeping a range of differing styles.

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When I was living in Germany, the top floor of the house was basically my walk-in closets. 2-bedrooms with plenty of space. Since I was recalled back to the DC area, the current house only allows for 2 small children's closets. This is when I really realized how much stuff I had accumulated over the 10-years in Europe.

I know the collection is excessive but that does not seem to bother me as much as my wife constantly reminding me of how much of the same type stuff I have.........

I think the best course of action is to just gradually donate a couple items every month. I could sell some stuff but have found from experience that it can be too much of a hassle for the money earned versus the time and effort to do it.
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Glen , if you will have an Adventurebuilt for a sale , I might be interested , you said you were 58 cm head size ?
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