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female indy is definitely fun. marion is a great one too. white dress or the red balloon pants would be good. indy is more recognizable however. ive already run into dressing up as characters who arent as well known, and its annoying to say who you are.
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I agree.

When I met Peter and Ralph at the Collectormania 3 convention, I dressed in shirt and pants similar to Indy's together with my Fedora and Wested leather jacket. I got some cool comments, and some cool remarks from David Yip (Wu Han), who told me he liked my outfit!
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Old 05-17-2003, 04:05 PM   #28
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Well, firstly i wouldn't have bought my Federation fedora if i never intended to wear it outside.

Im 17, and i couldn't give a flying duck if somebody had a problem with me wearing a fedora, im sure i could find something wrong with their dress sense if i was sad enuf.

But yea, i find it really good for walking and drinking beer in (not literally :P)

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hehe. that reminds me... I really need to save up some money for one of those awesome jackets.

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