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not exactly collecting perhaps...but still worth a look.............

It seems the folks at IJC (the least mentioned indy site I know of) have found an old Raider truck kiddy ride in lovely Vienna, Austria

cool eh? what kid wouldn't want to go to Vienna Just for that? (Mabey Ameera will fit.......j/k)

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Pale Horse
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Good for the Austrians

If a ride that that were to make it to the states, there would be all sorts of saftey contraptions like doors so the kids wouldn't fall out; seat belts, to keep the kids from fighting with each other; the ark would be a sanatized treasure so as not to offend any religion, the bullet holes would be removed, or patched; the gas can would be removed, because of the potential to cause cancer...eeesh

I just wish I was young again, because that thing would worn thin if I were to play on it...

good find
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