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another Indy fan
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Young Indy

Do you think Young Indy will play a part in the movie like in Last Crusade?

Would you like to see that?

How about the scene featuring his mentor Abner Ravenwood (played by Richard Young)?

I dunno...maybe that will destroy Abner's enigma which LC created.

Ya kinda really wanna see Richard Young again though...

But Sean Patrick Flanery's 37 (not such a Young Indy). I'd imagine they'd give someone new a chance.

Actually (backtracking), to tell you the truth i'm still confused on the Fedora/Abner thing!

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Abner was in Last Crusade? I must have missed that part.

I don't think Young Indy should be in the new movie. It was a gimmick that worked because it added something new. Doing it again would just convince me that Lucas had run out of ideas.

Another possibility, which I'm not in favor of, is that the opening gambit could involve Indy's son, rather than Indy himself (assuming he has a son in the movie, though this has not been confirmed anywhere yet.)

Personally, I'd rather just see something along the lines of the opening gambit from Raiders. That remains the best one of all three openings so far.
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