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You call this Archaeology?

Greetings from Germany my fellow Indyfans. (Yes I assure you I prefer the Austrian farewells though ) First of all I want to thank everyone who developed and contributed to The and The Raven community. I have been a fan of this website and a frequent visitor since I discovered about a decade ago. I never really browsed the Message boards until now (honestly have no idea why, I'm still a bit puzzled with myself on that one since I am active on many online forums. I think I spent too much time on other RPG community forums instead.)

A little about myself, I have been a fan of Indy since my parents showed me Raiders on VHS I couldn't stop watching the other two films as well as the Young Indy series. I moved on to the video games and novels though I haven't read the German novels yet and I still have yet to play the Staff of the Kings.

Other interests I have besides Indy: Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, fantasy, history in general, especially WWI and WWII history particularly German history and the Third Reich. I like following the traces of the Third Reich, I've been to numerous Wehrmacht Kaserne (bases, barracks, bunkers...) all over Germany and through tha Baltic former Nazi/Soviet occupied countries.

Other than that I am an American worked for the Walt Disney Company and the US Army stationed in Germany for 4 years now and still counting, married no children to a wonderful Bavarian wife who ironically can hit like Standartenführer Vogel , kiss like Elsa Schneider , but has the personality of Marion Ravenwood!

Hope you guys enjoyed my introduction, if you read this please respond with how you came across Indiana Jones, this site, and your favorite Indy quote.

Sincerely, AustrianGoodbye
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Welcome AustrianGoodbye! Just curious, what did you do for Disney?
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