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I don't know if this qualifies as a " misconception " but when my mother was describing Raiders to me ( I'm 8 turning 9 at the end of the summer in June 1981 when the movie was premiering) she said " Harrison Ford is in it and George Lucas is making it do you want to go see it ? " I'm like " sure but who's Harrison Ford ?" she goes " you know, Han Solo " "oohh no way !! yes, yes, yes, !! ". I can still remember how I felt watching it, you almost didn't even recognize Ford from doing Solo for two movies. Raiders has, maybe, one of THE best opening scenes in movie history !! You don't even know who this guy is, where he is, what he's looking for, and you don't even know if it's Ford playing the guy in the hat. My two cents
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I was firmly convinced, up until about 10 minutes ago, that in Last Crusade, just before Indy swings out of the castle window, that he says to Elsa
“...this is kitten play.”
I’ve just been reliably informed that it’s “kids play”.
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