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Indy Scout 117
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i just came back from my first hunting trip out in Kansas this past weekend. it was fun!!! i killed 3 pheasants (all male) and almost had a deer. how many of you guys like hunting and what have you gotten??
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Hunting and fishing out of necessity is fine. I enjoy a good day in the woods fishing to make a meal out of.

My uncle hikes two hours twice a week into the woods to his favourite ponds to fish; he feeds his family primarily off of trout he catches. Moose and rabbit hunting are still staple foods where I'm from. There's no market (thankfully) for moose or rabbit, so hunting is the only way to get them, and there's a good government regulation system to protect the species and make sure one can't get a license every year.

Hunting for sport is ignorant.
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Rocket Surgeon
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I shot and killed the fox that was ripping through the chickens on my parent's farm, a couple of geese which ended the fouling of their pond/field in 2009.

I've hit a couple of deer in the road, one even ran into the SIDE of my brothers truck while we were driving 25 mph in the snow.

I killed a raccoon once with a rancid turkey! (what a great story!)
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