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Little Help W/Choosing a decent MP3 Player?

Kay. I'm in the market for a good MP3 Player. I'd like to get a new one with my next paycheck on 7/26-- if I can afford it. I've got 3 drains in my house that need MAJOR "unplugging." Sheesh, God knows how much that's gonna cost. So what can I say--needs before wants, right? Still, I was hoping you tekkie guys could help me out in making my decision-- if you'd be so kind and helpful. Now, please be patient with me, m'kay? I don't know a heck of a lot about MP3 players, so if I ask any questions that seem kinda "newbie-like," be NICE, okay? Can't help it if I don't know as much as you people. I'm still learning about stuff like this, and I find your opinions valuable. Please post on this thread your comments, recommendations and links to stuff, including prices. I don't want to pay more than $50. Please be sure any links you post are to MP3 players and accessories for them are available in the US ONLY. No foreign stuff from your home countries, okay? Thanks in advance for any information or recommendations you can offer me!
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