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Beyonders comic from Aftershock

Just found this in my social media feed from Aftershock comics and thought some here might be interested. Not Indy, but Indy-like. I've asked my local comic slot to put one into my pull slot when its released and I'll pot a review here:

A young boy obsessed with crop circles and cryptography finds his boring life turned upside-down when he discovers that all of his conspiracy theories are true, sending him on the ultimate treasure hunt for an ancient secret spanning thousands of years. What is the connection between a lost mountaineer, an indecipherable manuscript, and the lost library of Alexandria? How is this connected to a one-eyed, flatulent Welsh Corgi and endless plates of corned beef sandwiches? Find out in…Beyonders!
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Beyonders #1 came out this week and I picked it up. Its fun but its not particularly deep so far. Imagine 18-year old Fox Mulder finds out then that every wacky legend and conspiracy theory he believes in is accurate and the regular world he's grown up in is the lie. That's roughly what the first issue covers.

Of interest to this forum is that it appears it will cover what "really" happened to George Mallory on Everest, the Baghdad Battery, the Antikythera Mechanism, the maps of Piri Reis and Zheng He, and Avebury, among other things. There's also a contest in the comic, with little icons and such scattered through the artwork that when deciphered will give you the directions to enter (I'm not going to bother).

I asked my local comic book store to add it to my pull list as I'm curious as to where the story will go.
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It appears from the cover that somebody is interested in coins.

Here's what George Mallory and Andrew Irvine were up to on Mt. Everest in 1924:

there were many who believed that the British were actually searching for treasure a golden statue of a cow, perhaps a yak, rumored to reside at the highest point, which they would pillage and melt down into coins

From Into the Silence - The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest by Wade Davis (2011):

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