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New Halloween Sequel

I did not see a thread about this, if there is one please merge

The first preview was dropped today for the new Halloween sequel. I love horror movies and Halloween is top 2 for me. If you are not up to speed on this movie - it is a neat story. It is a sequel to Halloween, 40 years later. Everything else that has happened since that movie (including its sequel Halloween II is gone Laurie is not Michael's sister etc).

Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie. John Carpenter is NOT the direct but is Ex. Producer and did create the soundtrack.

I had to stop watching the preview as it showed WAY more than I want see. But Crazy excited for this movie.
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Jamie Lee Curtis has a sort of Indy connection: her picture hangs in Faye Spanos Concert Hall of UOP, seen in Raiders.

She's checked in every decade and still skipped the Rob Zombie entries. So, Halloween H4O? 2H2O: Heavy Water?
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I don’t really care for the slasher genre nor for violent horror films in general. But the original Halloween is a superb film, so I must admit that this film does intrigue me a bit since it is a direct sequel to the original. I do fear however based on what we’ve seen so far that it’ll simply copy the plot of the original with Laurie taking over Dr. Loomis’ role as the obsessed pursurer. Hopefully the film will be able to stand up on its own.
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