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Any Indiana Jones Autograph collectors out there?

Collecting Indiana Jones Autographs has been my hobby for over a decade. In an effort to network with other Indy collectors, I created a facebook group. Please feel free to join
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I mailed a couple of original-run RotLA trading cards to Karen Allen for an autograph about a year ago, never heard back.
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The only Indy autograph Ive come close to getting was when Sean Patrick Flannery was at a convention near me signing stuff back when I first started going to comic cons. Sadly I passed on the chance, and I've never seen him at another convention since.
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I've got 8x10 prints autographed from John Rhys-Davies and Sean Patrick Flanery. Both were great to meet here at the local con. I was first in line for one of Sean's signing sessions, but waited about 3 hours as there was some scheduling conflict at photo ops. For waiting so long, was able to get a quick photo with him at his table. John was great. His line moved slow though because he took at least 5 mins to chat with each fan.
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