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One thing that bothered me in KOCS.....

When Indy break's Mac's nose. Uuuuummmm there's nothing. No swelling no black eye's no blood. It should have had at least some of those elements.
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The Drifter
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Mac shouted something along the lines of "Oh, you broke my nose!". I'm sure the pain felt like his nose was broke, but maybe it wasn't. Maybe he just got a good lashing and he thought his nose was broke?
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Exulted Unicron
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He was holding his nose and his face, while screaming that he had indeed broke his nose. But then again, this is a fantasy film and probably to keep the G rating, they didn't be too realistic
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I've broken my nose before I have no idea how so it must mean that you can break your nose with out swelling. I think it may have been a soccer ball in which case it was only bleeding a bit.
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Indy's brother
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Yeah, they pulled the punch on the broken nose make-up. It's there, but just the hollywood version-- a small laceration across the top of the bridge of his nose. I understand the Indiana Jones universe is the kind where a guy can get hit in the face 20 times without leaving a mark, but Indy breaking Mac's nose was supposed to mean something larger. If you look at it this way, some partially blackened eyes would have been awesome....and fitting. But it's the type of thing I've come to expect in these movies, so it didn't really bother me. It probably will now, though. Thanks arkfinder!
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Montana Smith
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I'm with Lonsome's theory - I don't think he was actually meant to have broken it. I think Mac was being melodramatic, as later on, during the jungle chase, he says: "Indy, Indy, you broke my nose again!"
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