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You need to see the flying saucer before judging it.

It's f'ing amazing Makes for a great moment.
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Originally Posted by sparkyrules
hmm..."lame" has become the new pessimistic fanboy cliche. you know what i find lame? pessimistic fanboys.

ok fine, not lame. "disappointing". More ambiguity, more mysticism, more unexplained but enough to theorize for yourself... having it spelled out matter-of-factly... "disappointing". Better?
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Whatever the case, I am really excited. I think the "Ancient Astronaut" theme fits in very well with Indiana Jones' adventures. So glad that they spotlighted Area 51, Roswell, Nazca and Akator.

Just amazing. Hope that Hasbro will make a deluxe mummified gray remains with casket figure!
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I think it would be cool if they made a crystal alien in 12 inches scale.
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Originally Posted by Jeeh
It's kinda hard to describe exactly how the scene went. It's very different from the comic book though, that's for sure.

The skeletons do stand, but only once Indy and the rest left the room and well ehm. I don't really remember them standing up, they just were there, melted together to form 1 alien with skin and all. And then Cate kinda went up in fire and disappeared.

I really liked the scene. The alien skeletons looked great, the skin version a bit less. Still, Cate going up is about as Indiana as it could get.


The drawings are pretty terrible. Comic book adaptations never really make up, but this doesn't even remotely capture the scene.

Well said in regards to the adaptation.
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