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Last Crusade Jacket Specs

I'm about ready to order a custom LC jacket from Wested. They told me recently that they are no longer interested in creating a Hero LC. When I asked if they had the specs for the original jacket on hand, they said that their pattern cutter misplaced them. Really? So basically I'm on my own if I want a screen accurate jacket. I've been trying to find the original LC specs all over the internet. I must not be looking in the right places because my search has been in vain.

Would someone here be kind enough to provide me with a list of ALL the LC specs that Wested would accommodate if I entered them in the special requests box? Also, which skin (in your opinion) is best for the LC? Dark Novapelle? Copper? Pre-distressed? I know that to get the screen accurate look I would need to do my own distressing, so I just need to know what the best choice would be for a starting point. Thanks in advance!
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I'd say Westeds current pre-distressed hide is very close to the look of Indy's LC jacket.
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I'm about to have a custom LC jacket delivered next week, but really it was just to get a LC jacket with a more Screen accurate back length (on me), in other words better fit. I did ask them to put LC hero pockets on it though, be interesting to see if they've done that.

There are a couple of fans who have done what you're asking, over on fortune & glory. I believe one of them posted a thread with the specs he asked for. Although I think he misfired on a couple of things.

The basic things you would want to ask for in the custom box are, no facings on the zip. No double stitching on the arms. You would also want to ask for Hero collar and Hero pockets. D-rings and no x-box stitch (these last two options are already preselected in the drop down box). When I enquired about this a while ago they said it would be doable but I'd have to sign something agreeing that the jacket would be non returnable.

As for the skin. I believe Peter Botwright said the movie jacket was a thick veg tanned lambskin. As you've noted though, the distressing is key to getting the screen accurate look. Plenty of pictures to copy from though.

Also drones33 noted above, Westeds current batch of predistressed hide looks very good on a last crusade, and you can still add the extra screen accurate distressing on top.

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