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If you could have been in Raiders, ToD or LC, who would you have played and why? (Besides Indy-a tailor made part for Harrison, if I do say so myself; the role truly fit him like a glove)

That is, which character do you think you would have liked and/or enjoyed playing? Or, is there a character that would have been challenging and demanding for you?

Guys- Is there a villain like Belloq or Mola Ram inside you? Or, would you have had a blast playing Sallah?

Girls- Are you a whiskey drinking Marion, or do you scream at the sight of anything remotely in nature al la Willie Scott?

Consider all aspects. It doesn't matter if you physically resemble the original actors. Remember, you ARE the original in this scenario.

I will start. Honestly, I probably would not fit any role from the three. For those of you who don't know me, I am an 18 year old girl, getting ready to graduate from high school next week. So, I probably would be a bit young for Marion, Willie or Elsa. But, I would enjoy playing Dr. Elsa Schneider from LC. I think this part would be fun. Unlike Marion and Willie, Elsa meets an unfortunate death. I also like that she is a villain-something different from the other two Indy gals. Furthermore, she is a complex villain. Yeah, she betrays Indy big time and is greedy, but inside the grail temple, she is upset about Donovan shooting Henry.

Finally, the 1930s clothing style is unique and chic. I'm sure Mr. Powell would have designed some beautiful costumes.

Now, your thoughts.
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You're an 18-year-old girl who has time to go here? Hahaha! If it was me, I'd be the main nazi guy from last crusade. I think his name was Kerner. I love that line where he says "And this is how we say goodbye in Germany", BAMM! Right in the face! Although it would also be cool to be Henry.
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Attila the Professor
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First off, good thread.

Second off, Kumba, the main Nazi in LC is Vogel. You're thinking of Fate of Atlantis.

Anyways, I'd like to sink my teeth into Colonel Dietrich (no, not literally!). He's an interesting character that doesn't get much attention. Very well-played, understated performance. The sort of Nazi who goes right along with all of Hitler's stuff. I'd like to give it a try.
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Excellent idea for a thread. I'll go through my choices from each movie.

Raiders- Not to sound cliche or anything, and while I also believe Indy to be tailor-made for Harrison Ford, I think that's who most likely I'd be. The reasons being, I LOVE finding things. No matter how hard they are to find them. I absolutely HATE snakes. I've hated them since before I can remember, I have a affinity for history, and I'm pretty good with my fists. So, I pick Indy. Him or Sallah. Because I'm loyal to my friends. Bad guys, I'd be Dietrich. Bossing people around is fun.

Temple- Again, Indy. Short Round too. Because he's cautious.
Bad Guys: Chatter'Lal. Not a main guy, but a face for something else.

Crusade- Indy, Salla, or Henry. Once again, I love history and finding artifacts.
Bad guys: Most likely Donovan. Same reasons as Indy, but a little greedier.

Once again, I'm not trying to get the spotlight, its just the ones I identify with the most.
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Old 05-18-2003, 09:08 PM   #5
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Raiders- The monkey.
Temple- Mola Ram.
Last Crusade- Hell if I know.
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Definitely Belloq (though I wouldn't fit with his age). He is character with great range. Obviously there is the side which just oozes evil. But there's also the "romantic" side (if that's what you want to call it). It's obvious he sees something in Marion, more than just a quick fling. Though I think even Belloq realizes it's not going to work. There's the adventurous side...come on, the guy's an archaeologist. But then there's the subtle personality traits which help make him complete. It had to be great fun trying to figure out Belloq's backstory and how he became who he is.

If I had to pick a character from the other films:

TOD - The Indian man who leads Indy back to the village. There's a long story I won't go into, but I'm a big fan of "the point" (when he's further ahead than Indy and does the long, exaggerated point toward where the trail was heading).

LC - Young Indy.
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If I was a little older, I'd probably choose to play the role of Willie. The irritating drama queen part, I can do.
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All the Pat Roach roles.

But I'm not big enough.
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I think everybody wants to be indy sometime in their life

but I'ld go with Sallah, big, lovable of the favorites, JRD got a fun role I bet
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For me, I would certainly like to be Belloq. Why? Because I am a shadowy reflection of Indiana Jones...but seriously, because I would like to think of myself as intelligent, refined and sophisticated, romantic, and still a little on the bad side. That, combined with my amateur interest in travel, conquest, and archaeology, would make me a perfect Belloq.
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