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Raiders of the Lost Empire Strikes Back...

...phew, that was a mouthful.

OK. Last night my newspaper hosted the Fort Lee Film Commission's Movies Under The Stars, which basically meant we had to man a table and give out balloons and little goody bags with our logo on it.

We also got to introduce the movie which just happened to be...

...The Empire Strikes Back.

As part of the festivities, the New Jersey Star Wars Fan Club came in costume and took pictures with the crowd for $5 a pop, which went to a battered women charity, which I thought was really nice.

Not to be outdone, I came dressed as Indy to represent the other Holy Trilogy. I even said to them, "I hope you don't mind if I represent the other Holy Trilogy--I don't want to steal your thunder or anything," you know, just kidding around with them. They got a real kick out of it, and we even had a chance to compare gear. I was wearing my LL Bean shirt, fedora, leather jacket, MK VII bag, and my Relic Raider 4 leaf Clover lighter from Last Crusade, which was a big hit.

Anyway, I got to be in a few group photos with them--they were a really great bunch of guys and ladies. And I got to introduce the best Star Wars film ever.

It's funny because the first time I saw Empire was when it first came out, at a drive-in theater in Upstate New York. I was 5 years old, and it was the first time I went to a drive-in movie, as well. Empire was playing as part of a Double Feature, with Young Frankenstein--it doesn't get any better than that.

What I remember most, besides the playground by the concession stand, was the guy dressed as Darth Vader who was greeting the customers as they drove up to the ticket booth.

And last night, there was a guy from the Fan Club, dressed as Darth Vader in a costume that he made himself and cost $3,000 to make. But the thing was perfect, it even a sound system to recreate the Vader breathing effect.

Although I have never been to an Indygear summit, this was the next best thing, to show off my gear and talk with other fans of both trilogies.
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Joe Brody
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. . . somewhere in the Great North Woods, Mr. Fisk reads this account of an Indy-related exploit and has his belief that "the world is a fine place and worth fighting for" re-affirmed.

. . . and Luckylighter, my first drive-in experience was watching 'Love at First Bite'. So consider yourself very fortunate.
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Love At First Bite wasn't that bad. I actually kind of liked it.

I should add though that the Relic Raider lighter is the best lighter I've owned in over 20 years--that means I've been smoking since I was, no, no that can't be right.

Regardless, it is an awesome lighter.

It felt really good to give back to the community like that. Seeing Darth Vader at the Drive-in all those years ago is an extremely vivd memory for me; a very powerful, wonderful, happy memory, and if I was able to do that for another kid, then it was all worthwhile.
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Aaron H
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Got any pics?
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