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I may be a proud Canadian, but I've ordered my DVD set from and NOT I'm not a big fan of the bilingual titles that are seen on most DVD's these days. I find that the French equivalent of a movie's title is usually poorly placed due to the design of the cover art. To me it's quite distracting. Why canít they produce two separate covers for us? I know it comes down to money, but come on, Iím the consumer, I should get only what I want. It may be a small gripe, but it bugs me none-the-less. That's why I plan to wait an extra few days for my U.S. DVD'sóI want only to see one title on the box, not two.

I certainly hope I donít come across as being negative towards the French or bilingualism. Iím just particular about my DVD collectionóespecially when it comes to a movie series like this. A movie series Iíve been waiting to see on DVD for a long, long time.

Does anyone else feel the same way?
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I'm french canadian, and I tend to agree with you, but I'll still buy the DVD from, because it's cheaper anc because a second title on the DVD cover is not THAT bad. Plus I think that the quality of the movie is much more important than cover imperfections....
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I'm also a french-canadian, and the bilingual covers are really ugly...

I always purchase the original language of the movie. I have the Back to the future bilingual cover, and i very dont like it... too late.

For Indiana Jones, I'll wait enought for purchase an "english only" cover. I'm very pleased with the French audio track for the non-bilingual french-canadian, but please, remove this french cover policies... I dont think any french-canadian really want a french DVD case.
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Just a thought...keep doing what you're doing. If enough people buy their DVDs elsewhere without the double-title, maybe they'll stop producing them. As long as people buy what is stuck in front of them, that's what they'll get. If something isn't selling, they'll eventually give you what you want. It's just that sometimes it takes a little while for them to get the message.
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