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Abe Vayoda
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Birthday Cards?

Anyone seen or heard of these before? Interesting... I guess they're from around 1992? Never seen these before. I wonder why there isn't a Last Crusade set?
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Those are awesome! I've never heard of those before but it looks like a pretty neat set. It is strange that The Last Crusade isn't included in there, although maybe the person selling the cards just didn't own that set or something along those lines.

In any case, that's a great find.
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etobicoke indy
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i have bought them before,these are custom cards from what i remember...there is also an Ebay seller,that does Last Crusade ones(that kinda suck)...these are much better....
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I'm pretty fond of that one. Got it in June when I turned 18. Completed with Happy Birthday sung with the tune of Raiders march.
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Hay, a raiders b-day card, very cute!
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