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Belloq Passport

Oh my, she is a thing of beauty
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Originally Posted by sheffsteve

The entire Indy section of that website is a thing of much detail...
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I just can't figuren the website out though. How can you order from these guys?
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Hmm, yeah, I don't see how to order anything from them, either.
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Attila the Professor
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I think you need to contact them.
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Are the FBI files really screen accurate? They appear to contain a lot of stuff that hadn't been made up at the time Raiders was in production, particularly Toht's first and middle names and Dietrich's first name. Or are these files the sources for those?

But what has me scratching my head is the reference to "Henry Walton Jones, Jr." Was that actually Indy's full name as of the shooting of the scene with Eaton and Musgrove? I'm aware that film props and production materials can be a wealth of info for things like this, but I was under the (possibly mistaken?) impression that "Indiana" was in fact supposed to be Dr. Jones' actual first name until Last Crusade came along.

The folder may be screen accurate, but are the files inside? The photos probably aren't, since they're just B&W versions of publicity photos we've all seen a gazillion times.

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Lance Quazar
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They know that Belloq wasn't German, right?

Also, to respond to Koosh's post, I really, really can't stand all the revisionist crap that came into the Indy-verse post-"Crusade", including the usage of "Dr. Henry Jones" everywhere.

Even if that's Indy's "real name", he was NOT USING IT professionally, at the very least prior to "Crusade."

One could argue that, afterwards, he decided to go back to alternating names once he patched things up with his dad.

It wasn't like, "Hey, my name's Henry, but my close pals call me Indy."

He was using Indiana Jones in EVERY capacity, personally and professionally.

The government thought that was his name, his universities thought that was his name. Chattar Lal heard that name "at Oxford", even his old friend Sallah had never heard of it before.

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Speaking of names, I guess Belloq didn't know how to spell his own! You'd think that whoever went to all trouble of making an authentic-looking passport for Belloq would've bothered to get the accents right.

All of the signatures are, Rene Emilé Belloq (when it should be, René Émile Belloq).
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Also, not exactly Indy-related, but although I was greatly interested in their replica of El Corazón from Romancing the Stone at first, I've found that they seem to have taken the jewel's name a little too literally.

Here it is in the film:

Theirs is far too round and far too literally heart-shaped, versus the more angular and pointy stone seen in the film.

There are far better (and likely more expensive) replicas of El Corazón out and about, I just can't find them for actual sale, just pictures:

Until then, though, Toy & Prop Masters' El Corazón (or "green glass jewel," as they call it, suggesting they are unaware of the stone's actual name), despite being inaccurate, seems like it's a decent buy. I E-mailed the owner and it turns out the jewel itself can be purchased from them without the map for only $12 which seems like a steal.
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